NanoSur is a biotechnology company that has created a new class of crop protection products based on Modified RNAs, that are used to control agricultural pests.
NanoSur products are safe, eco-friendly and provide a rapid response to pest that become resistant to chemicals.

Our mission is to proctect crops using safe & sustainable products
Our vision is an agriculture free of chemical pesticides.
Superior Know-how in RNA tech, product development, and agriculture

We envision an agriculture free of chemical pesticides

CAGR: Compund Annual Growth Rate

A New Day us Dawning in Ag Pest Management

Safe to farmers
Enviromentaly friendly
Healthy foods
Our technologys solves THE MAYOR pesticides problems
Chemical pesticides
Pest resistance
Unsafe to the farmer
High Regulatory & Off-Target Costs
Pest resistance
Unsafe to the farmer

Sustainability and Profitability for the farmer while protecting the environment

Products that Kill Only the Target Pest

Gypsy Moth
Red Imported Fire Ant

We Will Improve Agriculture With Our New Broad Pipeline of Products

Diamondback Moth
Fall Armyworm

NanoSUR technology has been funded by the US Federal Goverment



Impact with our solutions

We are focused on making a positive impact. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that prioritaze the well-being of humans, crops, and plants.
Profitability of farmers: Collaborating with farmer organizations to develop innovative technologies that support sustainable and profitable practices.
Sustainability Agriculture: Revolutionizing farming with biotechnology solutions that boost productivity and lower environmental impact. The future of sustainable agriculture
Crop Protection:
Developing alternatives to harmful pesticides that reduce environmental impact, protect pollinators and soil health, and promote susteinability growth and conservation.
Human Health: Ensuring our Biodegradable products and technologies prioritize people's quality of life through safe and nutricious foods
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